See Why You Should Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Most people do their best to ensure they don't violate the law in any way. However, this doesn't always happen because you may knowingly or unknowingly violate it and be prosecuted. Having a case in court is usually exhausting and distressing for most people. But no matter the magnitude of your court case, you should always let an experienced lawyer handle it. See why it's critical to do it. They Help You Get the Right Witnesses Read More 

Power of Attorney and You: 4 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Wills and estates lawyers recommend that you make an enduring power of attorney (EPoA) to act as a safeguard for when you may become mentally incapacitated. Unfortunately, not too many people make these EPoAs. This is something that wills and estates lawyers have attributed to there being a lot of misinformation out there about the same. Some of this misinformation includes the following. 1.  EPoAs are for the Elderly Wills and estates lawyers agree that the elderly are at a greater risk of losing their mental capacity due to dementia and other diseases. Read More 

Is It Possible to Force a Third Party to Take Action during a Family Law Case?

When two individuals appear in front of a family court, it is not unusual for the court to issue orders that require the individuals to act in a certain way. For example, one person may be required to hand over certain assets to the other as a means of providing an equitable and just solution for both parties. Yet sometimes more than one person or organisation may be impacted by such an order, so is it possible for the court to require that third-party to comply as well? Read More