What Happens If an Independent Children’s Lawyer is Appointed During Your Divorce Hearing?

When two adults apply for a dissolution of their marriage and there are children involved, the court will always want to ensure that the needs of these children are front and centre. After all, divorce can often lead to some significant complications, especially if the adults do not agree on how to care for the kids moving forward. The court may see fit to appoint an independent children's lawyer simply to represent those children in certain circumstances. Read More 

4 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Solicitor

Personal injury solicitors can help you secure compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence of another person or organisation. A problem faced by many people is that they do not understand the personal injury compensation process. Below are some questions that you should ask your personal injury solicitor when filing a compensation claim. Hopefully, they will increase your understanding of the compensation process.  1. Does The Case Meet The Required Threshold? Read More